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     Carbon dyoxide removal our nature based solution in      reforestation in France

2 major challenges

Biodiversity preservation

Carbon neutrality for 2050 horizon


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We propose to address these 2 challenges

Trees-Everywhere is a company. We develop natural reforestation solutions creating natural carbon sinks and providing refuges for biodiversity, while maximising the use of unutilised land.

In order to achieve this, we employ a novel and specific method of plantation, proven however and inspired by the work of Professor Miyawaki: high density (3 plants x m2) and high variety (30 to 40 local species), allowing for optimal carbon capture, restoration of the animal and vegetal biodiversity and the valorisation of land negatively impacted by agriculture or industry. At this stage, we operate exclusively in France and will implement EU projects from 2024.

What we implement

Our response and our commitment are to act concretely by means of a natural solution for carbon capture, accessible to all types of corporates or requirements. From the onset, our statutes specified that our company supported biodiversity and the protection of the environment via our offering of a natural solution for carbon capture, by planting dense, varied and resilient forestry ecosystems.

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