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Our Nature based solutions at scale with your climate issues

1.Carbon footprint

Measuring / réducing
and capturing

2.Sustainable Development

Giving a meaning to your climate action and inspiring your satff by preserving biodiversity.

3.In France

Local approach
Social and solidarity impact

4.Choose your project

we offer a large choice of local plantation projects from 3000sqm2

5.Certification process

External audit
Scientifical studies

WHAT IF… you are aspiring to environmental projects In Europe ?

WHAT IF… we could be the natural solution, innovating and value adding to your ‘Sustainable Environment‘ policy?

You are in a process of carbon neutrality

A few numbers :

You have a quantifiable carbon capture objective.
Together, we build a 3 to 5 year strategy.

Hypothesis of 5 trees to capture 1t CO2 over 30 years.
Work out the numbers.

One exemple

In 2020 my residual is of 15,000t of CO2 = my company commits to 10% year 1, then 20% year 2 etc… of tree plantation with Trees-Everywhere = 30,000 trees to be planted, I begin with 3,000, then 6,000 trees

Carbon Credits

Within the context of the voluntary market in France, the mechanism permitting the allocation of carbon credits (not yet monetizable) is done via the Label Bas Carbone. Projects currently validated have for objective commercial forestry development, which is not our approach. We are working to patent our methodology towards possible certification in 2022.

Nevertheless, we have obtained the FSC® Certification for Renewable forestry management and in 2021 we are applying for the Ecosystemic Services, including Carbon offsetting.


You are looking for projects within the framework of your CSR policy

Our projects are carried out nearby, in France, and are part of a positive communication approach, particularly in SSE (Solidarity Social Economy).

In this way, you can demonstrate in your annual report the concrete commitment you have made with Trees-Everywhere in the face of climate issues. Your participation in 1 Billion of Trees makes it possible to be visible to your stakeholders, in particular by including your employees in your process.

Read more here : INNOV’Events


You are looking for environmental compensation solutions

Our projects allow for the creation of plantation zones on cleared land (either for infrastructure or property development projects, either for extension or biodiversity compensation requirements).

You are seeking natural solutions to multiple externalities.

Yet, a contract  is required of you meaning the forest cannot be culled at the end of 30, 60 and up to 99 years.


You have noise/pollution challenges

You have buildings, roadsides, access ways, requiring specific action, visible and environmental anti-noise and anti-dust.

Rather than building walls or concrete solutions, our vegetal barriers, 5 to 10m wide, can within 10 years, build a green wall that will also allow the creation of a zone of refuge for biodiversity!

This doubly efficient land solution allows you to link this project to your Climate and CSR policy.

How to work with us ?

  • In contributing via co-financing to the realisation of our plantations – See Project Specifications
  • In consulting us via a tendering process for environmental compensation
  • Within the framework of your Climate RSE policy
  • Within the framework of the marketing & communication budget

Why work with us ?

  • Turnkey Projects
  • Scientific Monitoring
  • Certification process
  • Multiple positive externalities
  • Close and Local Proximity Project in France

« Nous sommes engagés aux côtés de la Ville de Mulhouse et de Trees-Everywhere pour agir concrètement sur deux enjeux fondamentaux : le réchauffement climatique et la perte de la biodiversité. Par ailleurs, ce projet local de plantation de près de 24 000 arbres, est le reflet de la force innovante historique de la Ville, malgré un contexte économique difficile pour nos entreprises. »

Christian Lehr, président du Groupe Viasphère

« Nous avons choisi ce projet car il est réalisé localement, avec les ressources du secteur et qu’il fait sens avec nos engagements quotidiens, en faveur de l’environnement et de la biodiversité. »

Amandine Kubler, Ingénieur environnement – présidente du cabinet Archimed Environnement à Illkirch-Graffenstade

« Our commitment to this project of Miyawaki plantation in Mulhouse, just 3 kms from our historical headquarters, made perfect sense.  This initiative contributes sustainably to the dynamism and attraction of our city, it is also a concrete and visible manifestation for our employees, shareholders, clients and partners of the start of our RSE strategy launched at the end of 2020 ».

Côme Lesage – Responsable Marketing Stratégique et Communication

« SAUTER is proud and happy to be associated to the project of planting 24,000  trees -Miyawaki type forest –  in Mulhouse. This project represents a collective and shared initiative to support the quality of life and necessary ecological transition. This step is fully aligned with SAUTER’s daily actions to the service of a sustainable environment. SAUTER’s, thanks to its products, is committed to providing its clients with real energetic benefits »

Stéphane Marcinak, CEO SAUTER Mulhouse

« As a sustainable and regional cooperative bank, we are proud to accompany this local  forest restoration initiative and this innovative programme of territorial eco-systemic services.  This refuge of floral and animal biodiversity and this space of vegetal protection against noise are further assets in the relationship between man and nature. It further constitutes a CO2 capture sink complementing our approach to control our carbon footprint, one of the indicators of the CSR POLICY of the BPALC »

Yves Rosburger, Directeur adjoint du département du Haut-Rhin de la Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne.

« Quarante-Six, a Paris based publisher : “We commit to carbon capture with Trees-Everywhere »

Sébastien Moreau, CEO

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