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Mulhouse Diagonales

Mulhouse was the first city to sign up to the national initiative “1billion trees with French communes” launched by Trees-Everywhere at the end of 2020, aimed at mobilising the whole country for the fight against climate change. In February and March 2021, we planted a forest type Miyawaki of nearly 24,000 trees on 8,000m2, alongside the A36 highway, in accordance with the large plan for regeneration of the city of Mulhouse.

This project aims to create a space for walking and to form a dense vegetal barrier, more than 15m wide to, among other things, contribute within 5 years to a reduction in the noise and pollution from the highway nearby.

Key numbers

  • Dense plantation of a Miyawaki type on 8,000 m2, 3 trees to each m2
  • Hence nearly 24,000 trees including 40 local species (list)
  • Total cost of the project: 200,000 Euros (taxes included) or Euro 8 per tree
  • Size of the regeneration of the Doller Walk (project Mulhouse Diagonales): 10ha



  • This project qualifies as a public-private partnership as the entirety of the financing has been provided by local companies within their ESG budgets, either directly or via Patronage with the SIM (Societe Industrielle de Mulhouse) who endorsed the project.


  • Trees-Everywhere had the opportunity and honour of bringing together ten local and prestigious companies, which allowed the realisation of this first flagship project in Mulhouse.

Corporate funders and patrons


  • Archimed Environnement
  • Banque Populaire d’Alsace Lorraine Champagne
  • Barrisol
  • Heppner
  • Centre Porsche Mulhouse
  • Groupe Passion Automobiles
  • Quarante Six
  • Rector Lesage
  • Sauter
  • Systancia
  • TSE Live
  • Viasphère

Their commitment

Christian Lehr, president of the Viasphere Group was the initiator of the project:

“We are committed, together with the city of Mulhouse and Trees Everywhere, to act on two fundamental challenges: climate change and the loss of biodiversity.  Additionally, this plantation project of nearly 25,000 trees is a reflection of the historical innovative strength of the City, despite a difficult economic context for our companies”.

Look up the companies’ engagement in the Media File of the City by becoming a member.

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